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GraphicIQ's Bentsion Janashvili Meets with iShook Creator to discuss Branding and Design

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

A recent meeting between Bentsion Janashvili, the creative force behind GraphicIQ, and the talented iShook creator has set the stage for an exciting business collaboration. Both individuals share a passion for design and branding, making the encounter a promising opportunity to revamp iShook's visual identity.

During their meeting, Janashvili's artistic expertise and dedication to user-centric design resonated with the iShook creator. The two minds exchanged ideas, laying the groundwork for an inspired partnership. Janashvili's unique ability to capture the essence of a concept and translate it into captivating visuals will undoubtedly breathe new life into iShook's brand. This collaboration marks the beginning of an artistic journey that holds immense potential for both Graphiciq and iShook, as they work together to shape a more captivating and compelling brand image.

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