Sara Knoll – Graphic Designer


Sara Knoll is a skilled and accomplished graphic and web designer.  She graduated at the top of her class from TouroCollege with a degree in Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing. Sara has a vast knowledge of the broader aspects of the design field, as well as the more intricate facets, as she has proven through her incredible attention to detail. She is eager and excited to bring her talents and ideas to the GraphicIQ team.

 Bentsion Janashvili – Owner & Founder


An artist, brand designer and web developer, Bentsion helps clients develop a visual vocabulary that captures and conveys the client's brand essence to all target audiences. Bentsion has worked extensively with large business-to-business clients, as well as numerous emerging consumer brands. He holds a degree in Fine Arts from Yaakov Nikoladze School of Art (Tbilisi, Georgia), a degree in Graphic Design and Web Design from Long Island University, and a BTL (Bachelor of Talmudic Law) from Ner Israel Rabbinical College. In 2012, Bentsion earned a Master of Arts degree in Educational Leadership from Bellevue University.

Jonathan Janashvili – Digital Media


A precocious high school student, Jonathan started to contribute to GraphicIQ’s client service and business development in 2012. His experience with music-production and sound-editing software allows him to support current client engagements, especially when they include multi-media elements. Jonathan loves working with people, and he is increasingly taking on responsibilities in client-facing roles that require an understanding of every aspect of branding and design.



We founded GraphicIQ with a focus on small and mid-sized business owners. Over the years, we’ve grown together with our clients, but our approach to client service continues to prioritize the needs independent proprietors who understand the value of consultative bespoke branding services combined with efficient and cost-effective project management.




GraphicIQ is a team of designers, marketing experts, writers and programmers helping mid-sized businesses align brand strategies with business goals. Since its inception in 2002, the firm has served more than 300 clients representing diverse industries across major economic sectors. We also work extensively with non-profits, including faith-based and educational-services organizations.




Lev Janashvili – PR Consultant


Lev Janashvili brings to GraphicIQ nearly 20 years of experience in innovation-driven businesses marketing products and services to institutional investors, public and pre-IPO companies, regulators, academics, auditors and insurers. Lev’s areas of expertise include public relations, investor relations, editorial services, media relations, market research and social media strategies. Before he started his independent consulting practice in partnership with GraphicIQ, Lev served as Managing Director of Marketing at GMI Ratings, a specialized investment research firm. Prior to GMI Ratings, Lev held senior leadership positions with several public relations firms, including Waggener Edstrom and Ruder Finn. Lev holds a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology from Yeshiva University, and he completed graduate coursework in Organizational Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University.


Our goal is to provide thoroughly customized branding services for businesses working to develop high-impact brands that help drive corporate performance. We make branding easy and affordable, so our customers can concentrate on running their business.


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